The gallery will be closed from July 19 until August 19 for our first summer holiday!

Emergency contacts will be:

Email: anneshoring

gallery holiday

gallery holiday

OR Tel: 01432379142 and leave a message-we will check as often as we can.



Join knitters for Peace at Castle Green Fayre in Hereford tomorrow to create your own Herefordshire sheep and help raise funds to set up knitting groups in war torn countries.

Knitters and Spinners are invited to bring their knitting and wheels to demonstrate how its done and join in the fun.

SSSSSSSSSSSShhhhhhhhhhh. Its started

If you google you will find there is a website!  Its still in test mode but there is some indigo linen lace looking for a home.

Stroud Textile Festival: Musum in the Park

I urge everyone to go its so inspiring. Lots of pictures on my flickr site but how about this amazing piece of work by Annie Hutchinson. Sorry its an owl – need new specs – but there are cats on Flickr.

the flying cat

From In the Making


My favourite magazine is Selvedge and my favourite place is Ceredigion and I love wool, knitting and have a very serious weakness for old Welsh Quilts so when Selvedge organised an afternoon in the Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter I had to go.

The company was excellent, the quilts were astounding, the cakes were to die for and the Blodwen Goodie Bag was a very scented surprise.

Did you know that old quilts were filled with carded fleece and some very old quilts belonging to poor people still had quite a bit of the hedge and the sheep in with them.  here are some pics of astonishing Paisley quilts.

If you ever get a chance to visit the gallery do take it, its small but houses a wonderful collection; its wise to ring first

stunning hand quilted close up

in the gallery hand stitched stunner and gallery view

quilting papers left in give clues to history

imperfect perfection

touchy, feely quilt scraps

quilted skirt and shawls


the last lamb of the season

the late lamb

out in the field

posing for the camera

mum and lamb doing well

Its on the way – for all frustrated artisan yarnies who want to buy online we have finally decided to put a toe in the water of e-commerce.  Even as I type there are people working away behind the scenes, putting it all together,  Scary, scary!

Our policy all along is that you need to be able to see, feel and sniff our yarns, but sometimes you need to re-order after a show or spend some special birthday money without fighting your way into Hereford, so here’s a chance to do that. In the meantime here is some real wool on legs that I communed with on the weekend.  The ones with the black faces are the Unitarian Sheep, Llanwenogs and the white faces ones which make me think of Agnus Dei are Lleyns and they all live in the Aeron Valley in Ceredigion where I once lived.

future yarn supplier

the rams: all together

the dads getting a meal in

taking the twins for a walkl

Some I did not quite manage to do earlier!


As you can see not mastered the organisation of the images……………….This was to be a flashback of the week before Wonderwool in the glory of the garden………………….